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How Do You Win An Argument?

There are many things to argue about. Sometimes, it starts with just a plain conversation until both of you starts to heat up the room with your own principles and views and even opinions. You both won’t notice it but you are now starting to ARGUE. Persuasive debaters will do everything to win an argument. But let’s just say we are not in a debate but just in simple conversation turned to argument, how can we win?

The following tips are best ways to win over a certain argument, so what do you need to do?

  1. Keep it calm- Always remember that when you are arguing and you are not keeping it calm, you may lose. Even if you know that you have the point or your argument is correct, try to stay calm and wait for your turn to speak. Never get personal with the argument. When your opponent is hitting you with hard points, make it a point that you don’t go over the line. Stay calm and set your goals properly.

  2. Be prepared- Whenever you go into an argument or a debate, make it a point that you are ready with all the things that you need. Research is very important. Keep all documents handy and all evidences. It is much easier that you are prepared with all angles of possibilities that may occur between the arguments. Also, take note of every note that is relevant to the issue; in this way you can use a counter attack in all the things that was done against you.

    Knowing how to win an argument every time, is an acquired ar

    Knowing how to win an argument every time, is an acquired ar

  3. Stick to the Issue- If you are in an argument, stay with what is being talked about. Irrelevance to the main issue may give confusion to the listeners and also to both parties. Focusing on what is being discussed will be a good way in order to find solutions to the issue.

  4. Look for a win-win situation- Take note that winning is important in the argument but also be open-minded of the possibilities of losing it. Always remember that you cannot win over a fight without any negotiations.

  5. Contradict with Confidence- Whether you know your opponents point is correct, try to rephrase everything that may be good into your side. React with confidence and try to convince the panel that your point is much better than his. In a much better way of saying it, denounce everything what your opponents point and make it your own.

    How To Win an Argument and Change Someone's Mind

    How To Win an Argument and Change Someone’s Mind

Take note that an argument of two different people will always be different from a debate in an audience. Make it a point that you listen to what each other has to say. Including humour into the argument will be a good help to soften and to lessen the heat.