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Nice Guys Can Score Chicks Too

Nice-Guys-Can-Score-1I’m sick and tired of the bottomless pit of misogyny and alpha male garbage that persists on sites that purport to help you find a lady to get some loving from. At the core of my frustration is the idea that nice guys don’t stand a chance at succeeding in the realm of casual sex or picking up chicks, because it simply isn’t true and the folks that persist in pushing this bullcrap are lazy at best and opportunistic liars at worst. Here’s the real truth: nice guys can’t score with a low self-esteem girl that’s attracted to guys that are awful to her because it reminds her of the way her father treated her. I know that might sound a little to armchair psychologist, but there are lots of women out there just like that. You don’t need them though.

It’s easy to hookup with chicks as a nice guy than you think

Nice-Guys-Can-Score-2Those low self-esteem girls are the easiest pickings at a night club, bar, etc, because sex is a way of boosting that esteem or keeping it low (if the girl thinks she’s only good for sex then finding a guy that only thinks of her that way would reinforce her feelings). If you want to hookup with chicks and you’re a nice guy it really comes down to one thing: confidence. ( Learn What To Avoid with potential hook ups) There are 1000s of articles online on the subject and steps on how to create gain more confidence. What I am trying to convey here though is confidence is key if you want to hookup with chicks. Women universally respond to a man with confidence. The term “nice guy” is often used pejoratively to describe a weakling without confidence that will do anything a girl says because he thinks that’s the way to please her. It’s not. Doing that doesn’t make you nice, it just makes you a pathetic groveler, which a girl will never be attracted to. There is no question you’ve probably heard it a million times, but I can not stress it more that confidence is the single most important quality you can have when looking at how to score chicks. Read Blog and you’ll find a great deal more information on the subject along with more advice on how to score chicks. Everyone knows a guy that always seemed to land women way higher than his number and we almost all marvel at that guy. It’s no mystery though; that guy exudes confidence and despite his looks being a little less than hers the girl can’t help but be attracted. Guys are the same way, it’s just that women’s confidence is almost always closely tied to their looks and bodies thanks largely to what they’re taught as young ladies (that looks are the most important thing, etc).

Practice is also key to scoring with The ladies

If you don’t have confidence it can be difficult but it can be created, sometimes out of thin air. The key is practice. The first time you approach a woman you’ll be nervous and a little mush-mouthed. The next time you’ll be better. By the hundredth time you’ll be Don Juan and she’ll be putty in your hands. You’ll notice a significant increase in your confidence the more sex you have since you won’t have to worry about your skills in the bedroom, etc. Slowly you’ll come to realize that you don’t have to be a dick to get laid, that you can be whoever you are and that there are thousands of girls for you in whatever city you live in. Some are only interested in bad guys and some are interested in a confident version of you, even if it’s just for a night in the sack and not a long term relationship.